Welcome! This has been a year plus in the making (in my head that is) and my goal is to  get this up and running before 2017 ends! #goals So, here goes. Why a blog you ask? It’s simple, really. When life as we knew it ( me and my 4 kids that is) came to a sudden and crashing halt, I discovered a few things about ME. ONE, writing my thoughts was therapeutic. TWO, being vulnerable was therapeutic. THREE, being authentic was freeing.  FOUR, I LOVE writing. (Who knew?) and I inspire some with what I have to say. FIVE, not everyone is inspired or likes what I have to say and I am REALLY ok with that. And I will stop at SIX. Humor is critical for survival. For me anyway. So, here I am. Who knows where this will  go. I don’t have a master plan……But I do know this. If just ONE person benefits from anything I say, if ONE person is inspired, then I know I have served. And serving is what I love to do! Happy Reading!

TOP 10 LIST About Me:

*single mom of 4 amazing, spirited kids and one loving but crazy puppy

*past corporate slave turned skincare entrepemeur

*humor is a MUST, every single day

*I am an open book, vulnerable and transparent as hell,  a very new version of me

*passionate, competitive with a fiery temper and a sharp tongue that doesn’t always serve me well

*love Mexican food, soup,  coffee, red wine, craft beer, sports, reading,  shoes, roulette, adventure, risk taking, country and 80’s music, live concerts, skiing and the beach

*strongly dislike: humidity, carrots, dry cake, cats, jim beam, long road trips,  horror movies, exclusion, liars, cheaters, fake people, boring, negative naysayers and  narcissists,

*I believe the Universe has a Plan

*Everyone that enters and exits our lives serves a purpose

*I believe in right over wrong and that KARMA does exist

#neverquit #toomuchlifetolive